Goodbye, Summer

A solar powered tiki light string along the edge of the awning really looked great.

A solar powered tiki light string along the edge of the awning really looked great.

Safe travels, monarch!

Safe travels, monarch!

Well, it’s October 1, and I think we can officially say goodbye to summer.  We’re sad to have put our Shasta away for the season, but maybe now we’ll actually have some time to update this blog regularly!  When we went to tow the trailer into the barn after the long Labor Day weekend, we noticed a monarch chrysalis had made her home on the back bumper.  We left her there – we hope she’s flying down to Mexico by now, looking for more summer sun.  Here’s to crisp fall evenings, crunchy leaves underfoot, and finally finishing up our story of trailer repair on a regular basis!

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Happy Holidays

We hope you had a happy holiday season and New Year! We’re still in winter break mode, but we’ll be back next week to continue the Shasta saga.

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We’re baaaack….

Hi folks!  We didn’t intend for it to be so long between posts, but we were pretty busy for the past month or so, working on other projects.  We buy and sell vintage clothing, housewares, and accessories, and we’ve been doing some shows and getting ready for more shows, all of which we’re posting at our main site 100% Polyverse.

Also, it turns out, once you refinish a travel trailer, you will want a break from even THINKING about travel trailers!  We needed some time to clear our heads, because honestly by the end of the project we’d gotten a little frazzled.  So we took a break from all things Shasta.  Believe me, we needed it.

So here’s the plan: we’re hoping to update this blog every Monday, going back to the beginning of the summer and describing our progress.  We’ve got all our photos and notes organized, and we’ll try to be concise and informative.  This will be fun, because it’s already getting chilly here in Pennsylvania and we’ll get to spend these cooler months gazing at pictures of summertime and daisies.  Happy Halloween, and we’ll be back next week for what we hope will be a more regular series of updates.

Summertime and daisies... I remember them!

Summertime and daisies… I remember them!


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Quick Catch Up

Whew, it’s been a busy month working on the Shasta! We’ve taken a few extra long weekends to get her ready in time for Labor Day– it seems like every waking moment outside of the barn is spent researching or polishing! We’ll catch you up in detail on the restoration as soon as we can, we just wanted to check in to let you know we’re still working hard and taking pictures.

Law #1371 of Trailer Repair is a corollary of Hofstadter’s Law: All repairs will take longer than expected, even when you take into account Law #1371 of Trailer Repair.


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It’s Almost Spring!

We’re almost through the long winter here in Pittsburgh, and we are looking forward to getting back to work! We’ve spent the winter buying parts and getting ready, so look for updates in the coming months as we get started on our restoration. 

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