We are a husband and wife team from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a love of synthetics and mid century aesthetics.  We are happy to be able to share our Shasta restoration with you.  We can also be found at 100% Polyverse.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Jim Sheffer

    My daughter and I just brought home our own 73 Shasta 1400. This is the second reno blog of similar Shasta’s we’ ve found. Looking forward to reading about everyone’s adventures. We will start a slow demo soon. Thanks for the blog. Jim

    • Thanks Jim, we have lots of content to add once we’re not so busy working! This is a hard project and we’re in the home stretch! Stay tuned!

  2. Bob

    Great job! I wish that our ’73 had a metal emblem. I’m going to hit the “follow” button so I watch your progress.

  3. Maddy

    Hi! Just bought the exact same model as you. Mine is completely gutted, which is kind of exciting. I don’t know much about restoration, but I am going to make this my learning project 🙂 Quick question- Where is the holding tank for water located?

    • Hi Maddy! The holding tank for the water is located behind and below the refrigerator on the street side of the trailer. If the closet is still in your trailer, you would see the water tank by opening the closet door and looking to the right. Good luck with your restoration!

  4. AC Smith

    Thank you VERY MUCH for the blog!!! I recently purchased a 72 Shasta 1400 that is a near twin to yours. Mine is in virtually unmolested original condition and will leave it that way. Bright yellow counter tops, original flooring, oven,ice box, etc. I’m curious if your Shasta has a straight axle or a “dog leg” axle? How is it mounted on the leaf springs…is the axle on top of leaf springs or under the axle? Thanks, AC

    • Hi, thanks for sharing! We love the look of the original interior, so glad you’re keeping yours intact too! Our beloved Shasta is a few hours away hibernating for the winter, but we’ll take a look at the axle when we visit her in a few weeks and let you know how ours is set up. That was one of the few parts we haven’t had to work on yet 🙂

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