Accessory Painting

While we had some time at home away from the Shasta, we touched up a few accessories– the curtain valances and the refrigerator shelves both had a serious need for a fresh coat of paint.

Rusty fridge shelf

This rusty refrigerator shelf is a little less than appetizing.

The shelves originally had a white rubberized coating, but it had shrunk and cracked over time. The metal beneath rusted, and the whole situation was a mess. It took a lot of elbow grease and scraping to get the wire shelves down to the metal, but they eventually were cleaned and ready for spray painting. The nice even white coat looked great!

Rusty valance holder

This rusty valance holder could use a new look!

The valances had rusted a bit too, and we wanted them to look good with the new curtains. After a pass with steel wool, it was time to paint.

The gold spray paint wasn’t exactly the same shade as the original, but it was a huge improvement! It was great to have a task for the Shasta that only took a day to complete.

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