RV R-Value: Choosing Insulation

Repaired wood with insulation

Frankenstein’s monster, or Shasta front end?

The Shasta originally had an incredibly thin layer of yellow fiberglass insulation on the front and rear of the vehicle. It pretty much fell apart as we removed the skin, so we needed to find replacement insulation. After browsing through our options, we found a great fit– reflective roll insulation. It was made of aluminum and had an R value of about 9. The R value of insulation measures its effectiveness, and even though 9 wasn’t what you’d want in your house, it was better than factory. It also meant that we didn’t need to deal with the itchiness of fiberglass on a sweaty summer afternoon. It came in a width of 48 inches, so we needed to buy a roll of aluminum tape to attach two pieces together to match the original size of the old fiberglass insulation. There was quite a bit of overlap, which increased the R value a little more. Woohoo! We taped it, and in standard Shasta fashion, stapled it, and nailed it.

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