We’re Ready to Roll!

I am obsessed with this tiny stove.

I am obsessed with this tiny stove.

We cannot express how happy and excited we are to start using the trailer this season!  After spending last summer doing the bulk of the restoration (which we’ve been sharing with you retroactively), we only have a few more things to accomplish early this summer before she’ll be complete!  Since she’s in storage on our family farm a few hours upstate, we didn’t get to see her over the long winter – but over Memorial Day weekend, we had the opportunity to pay her a visit.  We’re happy to report that she looks better than we’d remembered, and we’re making plans to haul her out and camp in her in late June and throughout July and August.  While we have an awning we only had two poles, which wasn’t working for us when we tried to set it up last year, so we ordered new poles and ropes from Marti’s Awnings (thanks Marti!  We can’t wait!).  We’ve got our kitchen stocked with fabulous retro melamine plates and cups, we’ve got our floral enamel pots and pans ready for our tiny oven, we’ve got our 1972 tea towels on display and we’re ready to roll!  We can’t wait to do a proper photo shoot of the interior once she’s out in the sun.

Our dinette is looking fabulous!

Our dinette is looking fabulous!

We’ll keep telling the story of our restoration, along with adding updates about all the little things we have left to do – which is really just a little bit of wiring, and getting her painted!  We’re so close!  Here’s to summer fun – we hope all of you out there are enjoying your trailers, whether they’re still projects or they’re show-ready examples of vintage perfection!  We’re still in between – but we’re definitely close to the finish line!

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