Tools of the Trade

We used a lot of specialty tools while working on the trailer, but here’s a quick post about one we found invaluable – a pair of Amerimax Metal Bender Pliers – available on here.

We picked these pliers up at the hardware store while looking for something that we could use to straighten out the trim that wraps around the edges of the trailer.  The trim was severely bent in several places, especially where the tree had fallen on it.  We first tried a rubber mallet, but even though the aluminum is soft and relatively pliable, we just couldn’t get it straightened using a mallet.  This tool worked great for putting small sections at a time in between the plates – a lot of elbow grease was necessary while squeezing to help straighten out the edges, but the end result was better than anything else that we’d figured out!  They sold larger plates, but we made do with the ones that came with the pliers, just edging them down the trim and pressing as we went.

If you have a similar problem, get yourself a pair of these – while it wasn’t as good as going back in time and preventing the tree from falling on the roof, it was the best solution that we found!

Better than nothing!

Working to get the kinks out!

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