We’re baaaack….

Hi folks!  We didn’t intend for it to be so long between posts, but we were pretty busy for the past month or so, working on other projects.  We buy and sell vintage clothing, housewares, and accessories, and we’ve been doing some shows and getting ready for more shows, all of which we’re posting at our main site 100% Polyverse.

Also, it turns out, once you refinish a travel trailer, you will want a break from even THINKING about travel trailers!  We needed some time to clear our heads, because honestly by the end of the project we’d gotten a little frazzled.  So we took a break from all things Shasta.  Believe me, we needed it.

So here’s the plan: we’re hoping to update this blog every Monday, going back to the beginning of the summer and describing our progress.  We’ve got all our photos and notes organized, and we’ll try to be concise and informative.  This will be fun, because it’s already getting chilly here in Pennsylvania and we’ll get to spend these cooler months gazing at pictures of summertime and daisies.  Happy Halloween, and we’ll be back next week for what we hope will be a more regular series of updates.

Summertime and daisies... I remember them!

Summertime and daisies… I remember them!


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One thought on “We’re baaaack….

  1. Daniel Vanzzini

    Really enjoyed your posts, I have ’72 Shasta and I’m working on it, of course not as extensive as you did, but some. Thank you.

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