Last Windows

With the last of the screws out of the frame, we just needed to get the windows off to gain access to see the water damaged wood. We had to put off the scaffolding construction until the next trip, so we couldn’t completely remove the vent and antenna from the roof to get the aluminum shell off.
Most of the screws on the windows were still in pretty good condition, and a cordless drill pulled them out effortlessly. There were a few rusty ones that required the Vampliers, and they got the job done.

Good wood

The wood along the bottom of the rear window is looking good.

We were happy to find that the majority of the wood around the windows was still in sound condition, although there were small sections of water damaged wood in almost all of the windows. We’ll have to see the full extent of the damage when we remove the shell, but at least it looks like we won’t have to replace most of the wood.

Rotten wood

The side of the rear window, on the other hand, isn’t in such great shape.


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