Attack of the Vampliers!

We visited the Shasta for another weekend of discovery and screw removal, fancy pliers in hand. We ordered a pair of Vampliers brand pliers, and as you can see in the pictures, we were able to remove some pretty nasty screws with their help!

Vampliers with rusty screw

The Vampliers grip their prey.

We removed about 50 rusted screws that we hadn’t been able to remove with ordinary pliers, and the Vampliers lived up to their claims. The teeth wore down a fair amount during their first day of use, but the ease of removing all those rusted screws was well worth picking them up.

Very rusty screws

The Vampliers bit into these horrible screws!

Even with their amazing powers, there were still 5 incredibly rusted screws that they weren’t able to grip, so we had to improvise flat head screwdriver fittings with a Dremel and a cutting wheel. That trick worked amazingly well, and after a few minutes of cutting and removing, we had the final screws out of the trim!

Rusty improvised screws

Instant flat-heads!

Next up, removing the last remaining windows, and getting a better peek at the condition of the wooden frame!

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