Lights! Camera! Shasta!

10_23_2013 3_15_05 PM_jpg

While the winter season is upon us (even though it is only October, we’re expecting snow later this week in Pennsylvania!) we won’t be able to do much actual work on the Shasta.  We’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with hunting down some of her missing and damaged parts, so we’ll be ready to start some serious body work in the spring.  In addition to major upgrades like a new roof vent, and major body pieces like tracking down the missing rock guard on the front, we’re looking for all kinds of lighting, including getting the running lights back to the original shape.  However, we didn’t have to look long for new interior lights!  Two out of three of the current shades are broken – the heat probably weakened the plastic, so they were pretty easily broken.  One in the rear was broken by the loft, and the one in the front was probably broken by the fridge door slamming into it.  Without much difficulty, we managed to find two shades and three fixtures in great shape! These new parts came from a 1973 1400 in Massachusetts.  We’re looking forward to getting these installed as one of the finishing touches once we’re done with the body work.  They’re going to look great!


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