Some Shots of the Interior


Here are some shots of her interior, and one of her beautiful backside.  As you can see, she retains much of her original 1972 charm.  We’ve seen a few of these where the new owners gutted the interiors and ‘modernized’ them.  For us, however, the appeal is in the vintage look.  Check out those bright yellow counter tops!  She has her original stove (a Trav’ler) and fridge, both in the classic tan finish, and nice dark wood paneling in pretty good shape.

What you can’t see, though, is more problematic.  At some time in her past she had some damage to the roof, which caused a slow leak that gradually rotted out her roof.  The roof is soft to the touch from the inside, and looking up on the top of the roof you can see some obvious gaps where water is coming in.  She looks great, but we will have to fully replace the ceiling and make sure there’s no water damage on the rest of the frame.  Our challenge is to take her apart and put her back together again, with a modern solid frame and completely resealed, and get her looking as close to her original condition as we can!

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2 thoughts on “Some Shots of the Interior

  1. louie

    I have the same one I love it

  2. louie

    P18325 is stamped on the tongue of the trailer can anybody identify this VIN number

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